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Hello and welcome to Flitting About, a website which will hopefully inspire you, whether it be travel, gardening, walking, music, food or anything else that might catch your fancy. This site provides insight in traveling abroad, solo traveling, budget traveling, travel technology, food and recipes, vegetable and flowering gardening, seasonal scavenging, music, books, news of interest, et cetera. The website name comes from the many interests, ideas and hobbies that are on offer here, why stick to one subject when life is so much more interesting and full than that?

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flit: (verb) to move quickly, either abruptly or lightly, from one place to the next. Used in Northern England and Scotland, from the Old Norse word flytjask, meaning: to move, and the Old English word  flēotan, meaning: to float. Synonyms: dance, flicker, flutter, dart. You may have heard it reference to birds (Proverbs 26:2 “like a flitting sparrow). You might have also heard of a moonlit flit, which hopefully won’t be the case on here.