Cream Tea in Cornwall

Treat yourself to the experience of cream tea in Cornwall, because you won’t get anything quite like it at home. Maybe it’s down to the atmosphere, the cosy little shop with cottagey decorations and real chinaware or the pleasant bustle of noise inside and out on the street. But once a pot of tea, two large scones and dishes heaped with clotted cream and jelly are set before you, everything else will disappear for a moment.

Cream tea is known as a specialty in Cornwall and neighboring Devon. Perhaps the best explanation for its popularity is the use of clotted cream instead of double whipped cream. Clotted cream making uses the highest quality milk. It is baked until it forms a golden crust. A popular clotted cream, that is now exported from Cornwall, is Rodda’s Cornish Cream. It is a luxuriously thick variety that you will either love from first bite, or get use to and crave after you finish your tea, or it may take a few days, but you will think about it later. Even years later . . .

You should expect to pay anywhere from £4 to £6 in a little shop in Cornwall, more or less, depending on the specific area. And for your money you will get a pot of tea, two scones and more than enough clotted cream and jam. It’s quite filling and a great way to break up the day.

The only decision you’ll have to make is whether to put the jam on first and then the cream (the Cornish way), or to put the cream on first and then the jam (the Devon way).


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