Great Quotes

“. . . the mind will make friends with anything.”

—Charles Lamb

Almost forgotten to time, Charles Lamb was an author and essayist, who befriended the likes of Coleridge and Wordsworth. It is in a letter to Wordsworth, though I have seen it attributed to Coleridge, that Lamb makes the above observation. He has been invited by Wordsworth to visit the countryside, but has declined because of his dislike of rural living, preferring city life. He does, after explaining his reasons, concede that a person can adjust to anything. Later in life he did visit Wordsworth in the Lake District and saw it as magnificent. Whether you agree with him on town versus country, he is right—humans are capable of adapting—even to the point of preferring what was once disliked. This happens to us in regards to people, places, experiences and food quite a bit. It’s a very good thing that the mind will make friends with anything.

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