Powis Garden & Park

Something you won’t want to miss at Powis Castle are the remarkable gardens. Towering yew hedges take center stage, while Italianate terraces look just right with the castle, but are so unusual to the landscape to make anyone, even the least interested in gardens, pause and marvel.

The gardens are over 300 years old and have gone through different landscaping fashions, including the 17th-18th century’s love of formal gardening, the 18th century laizze-faire Capability Brown style, to the return of formality with the Victorians. It is considered to be one of the finest gardens in all of Britain and is known throughout the horticultural world.

The wonderful gardens are at their height in the summer months, but each season, whether spring flowers, fall colors or winter snow, has something wonderful to offer.

How do they trim those impressive yews? There’s an interesting article on the National Trust Website: Extreme Gardening at Powis.

Plan to stay a few hours in the gardens, to get a full scope of the grounds. You can take a paved footpath into Welshpool from the castle if you’d like to visit the pretty town of Welshpool.


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