Great Quotes

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

—Mark Twain

Whether you like Mark Twain novels or not, he does have a lot of useful and pithy quotes. Born in the American midwest in 1835, Samuel Clemens became a prolific writer, lecturer and publisher. Though he was exceedingly popular in his writings and in person, earning large amounts of money, and was full of wit and wisdom, he was also prone to financial investments that turned into costly debacles, even causing him to file for bankruptcy. He did pay back all his debt, long after his responsibility for it had ended. One thing of interest about Twain was that Haley’s comet appeared 14 days before his birth, and, as he predicted, he died the day after it appeared again in 1910. This little gem was true then, but it is even more so now. It’s a good little reminder in our age of high speed technology to take pause when it comes to rapid information, whether proved truthful or otherwise.

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