Chirk Castle Park, Woodlands and Buildings

Though the castle is the main draw, there are many lovely walks, gardens, outbuildings and programs available at Chirk Castle. A stone’s throw away are a range of farm buildings and large stone cottages. There are formal topiary gardens, and less formal vegetable and flower gardens all set over five acres. The gardens are well-maintained and carefully planted to give each season something spectacular. Walking is a popular activity at Chirk and there are several walks that range from a short stroll to a three-mile hike.


If informative walks are something you enjoy, Chirk hosts a range of talks that explore the history and natural surroundings of the park. There are also seasonal trades preformed that you can watch and participate in, like learning how to scythe. Check the Chirk National Trust website for upcoming programs and dates for the times you will be visiting.

The Home Farm site, just left of the castle has many shops to explore. Chirk has a large National Trust gift shop, which is not always the case at National Trust sites. It is located on the Home Farm site, so you can also have the great atmosphere of Chirk farm buildings. Chirk has several other shops in the Home Farm site buildings to suit a range of needs, including locally made crafts and foods. There are usually plants for sale in the courtyard as well.

There’s also a wonderful tea room, where you can sample Welsh and British foods. The menu is full of local and seasonal selections of both warm and cold dishes. A smaller venue offers hot and cold drinks and things like ice creams.

If you can’t get enough of castle living, there are exemplar accommodations on site. They offer modern conveniences in striking buildings with the castle just a few steps away. Chirk is a great base for exploring the Welsh borders, with lots of things to see and do in the area. The railway station and town are just below the castle, less than a two mile drive or walk. Read more about the walk: Great Walks: Chirk Castle

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