Great Walks: Chirk Castle

This scenic walk starts at the Chirk railway station and passes by a canal, a few scattered cottages, a working farm and Chirk castle parklands. It can be done on pavement via the low-traffic road or on a footpath through woodlands and fields. The National Trust also has a slightly less direct footpath that takes you through woodlands and up around the back of the castle. Whatever path you chose, it should take around forty-five minutes or less to complete, with some uphill climbs. It is very beautiful and as long as you are relatively fit, you should manage it easily. It can be muddy on the footpaths especially in spring. It’s also easier to follow the footpath down from the castle, so if you want, you can walk on the road up to the castle and back using the footpath.


Walk Distance/Times:

  1. Road Walk: 1.7 miles (about 32 minutes), with a gentle incline towards the castle; as you enter the gates the walk becomes a steep climb up the castle hill.
  2. Footpath: approximately 1.5 miles (about 25 minutes) through woods and fields, with a steep climb up the hill to Chirk Castle. The footpath is not as well-worn as others, so it can be confusing at times, but you can see in the distance where you should be heading and so that helps when looking for a gate.
  3. National Trust Walk: approximately 2 miles (about 38 minutes), starting on the road, this walk takes an indirect loop around the south part of the park and through fields and woodlands.

Battle of Crogan Walk:

Once at Chirk Castle there is another, more challenging walk of approximately 3 miles. It is a circular walk through woodlands and fields that starts near the Home Farm at Chirk, just a short walk from the car park. There are some interesting sights and of course some history to go with on this trail. Ask at the desk at the castle ticket area for more information. DSCN6510


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