Walk the Medieval Castle Walls at Conwy

A trip to Conwy would not be complete without a walk around the medieval castle walls. It’s incredible to be able to do this, considering they were built in 1283! Plus the views of the market town, castle, River Conwy and local scenery are wonderful to see from this vantage point. And, it’s free. When I first went to Conwy I didn’t know you could walk around on them until I saw some people up there, then I saw more. So I wandered around until I found a spot where a spiral staircase was open to go up to the top. I walked from a high spot above the castle to just in front of the castle, where I came down another staircase, unsure of where it would end up, only to discover that it took me right to the train platform. If you do nothing else in Conwy, it’s worth the stop just for the privilege, and if you have no plans to stop at Conwy, but you’re on the train passing, make it a spontaneous stop, you won’t regret it.

The walls are 0.81 miles and have 21 towers and three gatehouses. They are largely intact today, but a full circuit cannot be made. Parts that are safe to walk have metal spiral staircases to the top, these are housed in the towers. The walkways have reinforced railings. Some might find the steep climbs, or slope of the wall difficult to navigate. The floor is cement around the stairs, but cobble on the walls, so suitable walking shoes are needed. You can always walk to a higher part of the wall in town, like I did, and walk down instead of up, unless you want a workout. DSCN6674DSCN6662

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