The Smallest House in Great Britain

Nestled, and I do mean nestled, in the heart of the medieval seaside town of Conwy, Wales, is a popular tourist attraction, known as The Smallest House in Great Britain. It’s bright red facade is clearly visible from blocks away, though its diminutive size isn’t as apparent. Only when you see the tour guide and the crowd of people waiting to enter do you realize, possibly because everyone but children under 12 are ducking to enter, that it’s not a cute addition to the neighboring holiday cottage, but a cozy 16th century cottage.

For £1 (50p for children) you can take a peak into the living quarters, which measure about 10′ x 6′ (or the size of a bathroom). And it’s just ten feet tall. The upstairs is a little unstable, so a ladder is available to view the bedroom. A tour guide in traditional Welsh clothing of the time gives a little talk and answer questions. This seems especially fun for children and with Conwy’s castle and medieval walls in walking distance, it’s a good reason to visit.

For three hundred years it served as a family home in the fishing community of Conwy. The last tenant, fisherman Robert Jones was, if you can believe it, 6ft 3in tall. The poor man couldn’t stand to his full height inside. The local council declared the house uninhabitable and he was forced to move. However it has since been passed down in his family. It holds the Guinness Book of Records approval as the smallest house, although there are small houses in other parts of England and Europe. This was, at one point, just one of a series of small homes in Conwy. I think it’s most astonishing to children.

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