Wales in the Spring

Wales, in all its windswept and wet glory, is remarkable in the ever-changing springtime. The landscape, with its spring flowers, new growth, new-born lambs and calves, and greening hillsides and valleys, makes even gloomy days enjoyable. Everything is coming alive in spring and it sits right in place with the centuries of history and beautiful castles and historical gems. Most places open with regular hours in mid-March and won’t have extended hours until July.

If you’re debating about traveling to Wales in the spring, then for a first time trip I would suggest late spring (May), when the weather is slightly warmer and the foliage is out more. Late March to April is brisk, but you do get to see the peak of the lambing season, as well as more further-reaching views and less visitors. Some places in Wales never warm, like the seemingly ever snowcapped Snowdonia mountain range. In spring you’ll still see snow, and sometimes even through the summer on the Snowdonia mountains, hence the name. It will still rain off and on no matter what the season, but sometimes the damp of early spring can be too much for a person and so it’s better to spend that extra money for a later date. Although you’ll never enjoy a warm drink so much in your life.

Something worth considering is that the weather changes from day to day and year to year. If last year’s summer was wet and dreary, this year might be sunny and balmy. Wales is a little unpredictable and so it’s best to base your time of travel on other factors.

What’s especially wonderful about Wales, in any season or type of weather is the forthright friendliness of its people. I’ve been told, by the Welsh, several times, that they are the friendliest people on earth, and I may have to agree with that. Ireland and Yorkshire are their closest competition, each with endearing trademarks of their warmth.


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