The Irish Sea

Separating Ireland and Northern Ireland from Great Britain, the Irish Sea is just 120 miles at its longest point and just under 50 miles at its narrowest. To the north, the North Channel lies between Northern Ireland and Scotland, to the south, the Celtic Sea, which is just below Ireland and fronts the south of England. If you do get the chance to ferry over to either island you will be surprised at the close proximity and have a new understanding of the history and relationship of the islands.

The sea is an important route for trade and transportation, as over 12 million people cross it annually. The two largest islands, Anglesey, off Wales, and the Isle of Man, in the northern part of the sea, are home to just over of population of 70,000, and near 85,000, respectively.

Major cities have developed near the water, including the Irish capital, Dublin, Liverpool in England and the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast. Ragged cliffs and beaches are scattered along the coast, with 15 named islands throughout.

It really is as beautiful as it looks, with stunning skylines, little islands, multi-colored waters and picturesque seaside towns.

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