Ireland in the Spring

There’s something about spring in Ireland that makes your heart glad. It’s in the Irish people, who seem to have a lighter step, if that’s possible, in the spring months. Things are greening up and a cup of tea after a day out is beyond lovely. In fact, you’ll never feel the same about tea after a spring in Ireland, it’s restorative powers and warmth go a long way, especially if there’s some sweet treats on the side.

If want to see all the wonder of Ireland, but for a lower price, and with less tourists, then spring is a great option to consider. Flights to Dublin are lower in off peak periods, places are started to open with regular hours, but most people from further climes won’t be traveling until June. Often you’ll be mixed in with a lot of nations you wouldn’t perhaps see in the summertime, and there’s more chance you’ll meet people from Scotland, Wales or England in the spring, as they to are trying to avoid the upcoming onslaught. Prices for hotels are also on the lower side, and you might be able to swing a luxury room for the price of regular room in the summer.

There are things to consider with the spring, like opening hours and weather. The trees will not be out in early spring, nor will they be out completely in late spring. However, you can see further in the spring, and the bright green of the fields and buds of the trees is beautiful. Spring flowers, like tulips and daffodils are everywhere from formal gardens to woodlands. Lambing is in full swing, so fields of young ones jumping and playing is a sight worth seeing. The weather can be a bit on the cool, damp side, especially if you are coming from a warmer area. It’s best to be prepared for all weather every day, as one minute you might be in a downpour and the next it might be so hot you’ll have to remove some layers. You’ll also want some practical shoe options, like waterproof boots and dark-colored tennis shoes. If you’re coming from winter weather, than only the dampness may be a problem. I think it’s easier to travel in Ireland in the spring, having come from a cold winter. By summer, you’re adjusted to hot weather, and then you have to readjust to the colder air. I prefer it the other way and so spring is preferable to me. But overall the weather doesn’t change much in Ireland from one season to the next—there’s not a 30ºF degree change from one season to the next—so you don’t have to worry about weather reports and what it’s going to be when you get over there. It is worth investigating if you’ve never experienced the Ireland or UK climate.

I’ve heard others say that March is an idea month to travel to Ireland because everything is so green. I wouldn’t discount that month, but I think May, with everything bursting forth is the best month.

Do some research before you decide on spring though. If you have your heart set on seeing certain things, you might be disappointed if they are closed during your visit. Most places are up and running with summer hours in the spring, but others won’t open until May, so it’s always good to check. People are traveling at all times of the year now and so businesses are starting to have more hours in the off season, as the off season is now rivaling the peak season.


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